carciofino (car-cho-fino)

  1. The Italian for little artichoke
  2. A web development network
  3. A metaphor to convey the structure of our company

carciofino is an extended network of website designers, developers, coders, hosts, domain name registrants and search engine strategists. Together we offer the full range of website design and development skills along with all the ancillary products needed to supply your business with a complete internet package.

We are happy to offer you work from the smallest modification to an existing site, even if not initially built by us, right up to much larger endeavours including content management so that you can update your site yourself; e-commerce and database driven forums.

At the heart of the artichoke are our business development and project management teams. Around them and spread across the country are the leaves.

The beauty of our structure is that our clients get the benefits of dealing with a large company, but the prices and kind of personal service usually associated with a much smaller one.

Each of the members of our network is an expert in their own area rather than being someone who does a bit of everything. Thus whatever service it is that you require you will know that you are getting the very best. As we do not need to maintain large expensive offices our costs are lower and therefore our charges too.