Ancillary products

As well as website design and development we also offer all of the related ancillary products needed to keep your company's digital infrastructure... structured.

Initially offered as follow up products and support to our existing website customers, we now offer our range of ancillary products to new and seasoned customers alike.

We don't believe in the, "don't get out of bed for less than £...." ethic and place equal value on all of our customers new and old, big and small alike. "From little acorns..." and all that.


We offer the full range of website hosting services with a package and a budget to suit your requirements.

We are a registered reseller for an extremely reliable third party. They are dedicated hosts and offer the level of service and support that you would expect as such. We can offer email only hosting or full web hosting for both Windows and Linux. We can host database sites and handle ecommerce too also offering the top level of secure space and arrange the Thawte secure certificate to let your clients know that your site is secure.

Domain name registration

The domain name (url - uniform resource locator) that you choose for your website will for many of your potential clients be their first awareness of your company.

The name you opt for could be the difference between your next client visting your website or dismissing you as just another supplier in a list too long to look all the way through.

Your domain name should say something about you, your product, your company or possibly even your clients. The rules for registration are relatively simple, if somebody else hasn't already registered it then you can apply for it. If the name you wanted has already gone then don't despair, there are always variations on a theme and alternatives to be suggested using different extensions (endings) or a little bit of lateral thinking.

We can offer, .com and indeed all other extensions on any available domain name. Minimum contracts, as per registration rules, are 1 year for .com and 2 years for Please contact us for availability and prices.

Traffic generation

We get many requests for search engine optimisation. Usually when clients ask us for SEO that isn't actually what they want. Well it is and it isn't!! What they tend to mean is can you get us more traffic on our website?

Well the answer is yes but SEO is only one of the ways that we do this. If all you want is for us to optimise your website to get a better search engine position then we will do this for you. If what you really want is more traffic on your site leading to more sales and company growth then we will offer you a tailor made package covering SEO and other methods relevant for your company of getting additional traffic. Please contact us for more info and to discuss rates.


This is a fairly vague category to cover a whole host of problems.

Lost your website? Or domain name? Or the original assets used to build your site? Your website has gone down because your domain name has been detagged. You've received a rather bizarre letter from the Domain Registry of America requesting what seems like too much money to pay for a renewal you already renewed... etc etc.

We've seen all these scenarios before. Please contact us and we will help you out.


We will obviously always offer updates to our existing customers on sites that we have built. We also offer updates to sites that have been built by other companies.

Often this can be a time consuming process trawling through somebody else's code and it isn't always cost effective, but we will always consider any update and will let you know what your options are. Please note that if you require an update to a Flash element or to a full Flash site then you will need to supply the .fla files used to build the site if you do not wish for us to start from scratch.


This started life as an advisory service to existing customers designed to help them work out what they wanted to achieve and the best ways to achieve it.

Whilst usually packaged with the full website design and build, we are happy to offer consultancy on an ad hoc billed by time basis. This might cover what kind of website is relevant for your business or an introductory meeting to demonstrate the possibilities of website marketing or how best to utilise search engine optimisation or the other methods of traffic generation.


With all of the members of our network we have the relevant skillsets available to be able to offer training in any area of computers or web design and development.

Particular favourites include basic HTML, Flash or I really know nothing about computers where do I start?


Again this started out as an ad-on service for existing clients but has now developed into a whole arm of the business in itself.

Whether you are writing for web or for email, it isn't the same as writing for print and the format, as well as expected attention span of your readers, mean that different rules apply. That's before we even start talking about website copy as part of our search engine optimisation method in order to get your site more traffic...